Cough and sore throat are common symptoms of bronchitis. Bronchitis can also cause serious complications such as pneumonia. If this is the case, you will need medicine for both ailments. There is no single best medicine for cough and sore throat. You should consult a physician and find out which medicine would be appropriate for your case. There is Garlic for Sore Throat is also the best medicine for sore throat problems.

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The usual medicines used for cough and sore throat are, cough syrup, medications containing codeine, cough suppressants, spasm helpers, and other medications. Although codeine was the first medication used for cough and colds, it was later found to cause severe side effects especially when it was not properly approved. Therefore, it was soon removed from pharmacies. Today, medications containing cough syrup are still available, but they are of low strength.

The medication you take depends on the severity of your condition and your age. However, in most cases, people are advised to avoid aspirin and other over the counter anti inflammatory medicines because they can aggravate bronchitis. Similarly, bronchitis can result from taking antibiotics. Therefore, if you are advised to take aspirin or antibiotics, you should ensure that your doctor specifically recommends these medicines for your case.

Sometimes bronchitis leads to cough and sore throat. In this case, you will need a stronger medication. If the ailment has gone of late, you may also require medication to treat recurring bouts of cough. If your condition makes you weak, then it is recommended that you take a medication that helps you recover faster.

If the above mentioned medications do not give you relief, you can consider homeopathic medication. Homeopathic medications do not contain any harmful ingredients and have been used for centuries. It is the safest possible medication and is free from side effects. One of the best medicine for a sore throat and cough is known as Pulsatilla. This is a highly potent homeopathic medication that can give you instant relief from chest congestion and chest pain.

It should be remembered that a medication does not cure you forever. In fact, it is very difficult to stop a cough and sore throat from recurring. However, with the help of Pulsatilla, you can easily bring an end to the problem. So, if you suffer from chest ailments, Pulsatilla is the best medicine for your condition.

Medication for a sore throat and cough is often considered a temporary solution. However, it is important to stay away from drugs that harm your body in general like cough suppressants. There are many types of medications available in the market. Before you purchase any type of medication, it is advisable to conduct some research. Read through various reviews so that you can understand the side effects of a particular medication better.

Another important thing to keep in mind while choosing medications for a sore throat and cough is that if you are under medication, do not try to stop taking it. Medicines are only given depending upon your health condition. Sometimes, it may not work as well as it is expected. For instance, some medication works great when taken by someone with asthma, yet it may cause serious side effect if taken by someone who is not suffering from asthma. Hence, it is important that you choose medications according to the condition of your body. The above mentioned tips are just a few tips that can help you choose the best medicine for a sore throat and cough.