Overtopping Waves

What rockfishers need to know?

  1. Not all anglers are the same size
  2. Not all anglers have the same experience fishing the rocks
  3. Not all anglers can swim
  4. Not all anglers carry the right shoes or equipment for rockfishing
  5. Not all anglers can handle the same conditions or overtopping wave height on a rock platform

Safe rockfishing tips

Many inexperienced anglers make the mistake of assuming that a spot is safe to fish because other people are fishing it.

Many experienced anglers who fish the rocks are well equipped to handle the conditions and many anglers with less experience will often venture out onto a rock platform assuming that they have the same abilities.

Your ability to stand up to overtopping waves will depend on your height, weight and position on the rocks.

“One size does NOT fit all”

Standing 1 meter out of position can limit your ability to stand up to overtopping waves.

Only experience will dictate how each rock platform behaves to different overtopping waves.

“Know your location well and how the waves overtop and learn where to stand”

  1. Move back from the edge of the platform. The wave will increase in size or bulge as it hits the platform lip. The wave will reduce in size as it passes the angler.
  2. By lifting one leg as a wave approaches and passes you will increase the weight on one leg providing more downward force and less area for the wave to push against and therefore less chance of the wave knocking you off balance.
  3. The angler should step forward and over the wave in a direction opposite to the force of the wave to further assist in reducing the chance of being knocked backwards or off balance.
  4. Wearing the right shoes and standing in the right place will save your life.