Angel Ring Management

ANSA NSW will maintain contact with the local clubs, NSW Government agencies and individuals who have installed or agreed to manage the angel rings and continue communication to ensure that management targets are met.

As a minimum ANSA NSW or its nominated management team must complete a visual check at least every 2 months to determine the rings status.

ANSA NSW will maintain a register of contacts pertaining to the specific device, that shall include:

(a) The club, agency or individuals details that have agreed to visually check the installations.
(b) Inspection dates
(c) Status of the installation

ANSA NSW and will supply any information when requested and at a minimum report annually.

Spare rings will be left with the local fishing club contacts or nominated management teams. Information sheets will be placed in the local tackle shops informing local anglers that these ring have been installed and if the are missing to let the proprietors know and to contact ANSA NSW via its toll free number.

ANSA NSW is responsible for the replacement for any missing rings or posts.

ANSA NSW will maintain records for each location and a register of replacements.

ANSA NSW retains spare rings and components in storage and can quickly be freighted to site if needed.

If the installations are judged to be redundant, ANSA NSW will remove all associated equipment used in the installation.

The installation and maintenance of the rings by ANSA NSW a will be conducted under the same OHS strategy that ANSA NSW has supplied.