About Us


“Sport, Conservation and Integrity”

Obey and respect the local regulations and conventions that govern fishing in your chosen area.
Purposefully conduct yourself in such a manner so as to minimise any negative impact on the fish’s environment. Being mindful of anchoring and speed restrictions is as important as preventing littering, pollution and habitat destruction.

The angler’s environment should be protected as well as the fish’s. Do not indulge in littering, in particular with discarded tackle. Disposal of offal and unwanted bait should be undertaken in a manner that is both environmentally sound and publicly acceptable.

Respect the rights and interests of others especially those other anglers and commercial fishers who are legally participating in the fishery.

Be aware of the relationship between the angler and their quarry and understand that the choice of the individual is important when dealing with a capture.

Respect the rights of property owners including those that exclude access for personal or cultural reasons and negotiate access to waters rather than trespass.

Participate where possible in scientific, educational and community programs that benefit the fishery or recreational anglers.


The main objective of the Angel Ring Project is to save lives.